Funny Poems by Subject

An alternative classification of the funny poem collection by subject which lets you to meander for birth to death, from love to hate, and from the clean to the positively obscene.

Age-related Funny Poems

Funny poems that transport us from the cradle to grave, with brief stops en route for poems about those events that punctuate life - adolescence, birthdays, retirement. There are many more poems about old age than about youth, which may be a result of ageism or simply a sign of forward thinking poets at work.

Eating, Drinking and Smoking

We live in a health obsessed age, told that everything we ingest, imbibe or inhale shortens our life, increases our girth or very possibly both. It's seems appropriate therefore to bundle together our funny poems about eating, drinking and smoking with our selection of humorous poems about health. After all, laughter is the best medicine…

Funny Poems of Life and Death

A collection of funny poems about life, family life, health, disease, death and the afterlife. Don't miss Paul's short funny poems about life and companion series of short poems about death, or Max's often toe-curlingly funny poems about the pursuit of fame and fortune.

Funny Poems of Love and Hate

A selection of funny love poems and raunchy rhymes are interspersed with poems about the pet peeves which punctuate life. Look out for Max's Love Songs which represent a collision between romantic poetry and nonsense verse from which no one escapes unscathed.

Literary Parodies, Pastiches and Poems about Writing

A collection of poems, parodies and pastiches which range from the distinctly low brow (and often rude) nursery rhyme parodies to sophisticated literary parodies and poems about the lowly status of the author.

Witty and Wry Poems

A metaphorical attic or lumber room where we hurl all the poems which don't fit in anywhere else. It is a glorious hotchpotch of poetic styles and subjects, amongst which some real treasure lurks. Be brave and have a rummage.

Rude and Dirty Poems

If you're hunting for rude rhymes or dirty poems, you don't need any warnings about the suitability of what you may find. It may be worth warning that this is a collection of poems that is first and foremost funny, and only incidentally rude, dirty or sex obsessed. Having said which, some of the poems are distinctly dirty, frankly filthy or outrageously obscene. You have been thrice warned.