Holiday Poems

I must confess that I have borrowed the American expression holiday poems to describe this section of types of poetry. The English would probably prefer the description poems for high days and holidays, or perhaps poems for feast days and festivals. In essence, the holiday poems are small collections of poetry relating to the calendar’s religious feast days and secular holidays, which intermingle humorous, romantic and occasionally erotic poems.

It’s Not a Poetry Factory

The holiday poems draw on poetry written by the site’s established authors. Each collection is illustrated with a mix of poems that appear elsewhere on the site and new, previously unpublished poems. There will, inevitably, be some serious sins of omission. There is, for example, a bumper selection of Christmas poems, but at present nothing for Easter. The Peculiar Poets don’t write to order, so these rather obvious gaps will remain until there is at least one poem to illustrate any of the missing holidays.

The Holiday Poetry Collection

Holiday Poems is being built over the course of a year, commencing with Christmas poems and Valentine’s Day poems. I can confidently say that, as the year progresses, there will be poems to illustrate pages for Pancake Day, Mothering Sunday and Guy Fawkes Night. Some of the other holidays, particularly the religious festivals, are looking rather doubtful without some form of divine intervention.

Halloween Poems

The Halloween poems have been rather retro-fitted, since it appeared initially that there were going to be no suitable poems for the category. Then, at the last minute, Paul Curtis wrote a cracking funny halloween poem which perfectly describes how many English people feel about the whole halloween carry on. Since then, the floodgates have opening and we're now awash with both funny and scary Halloween poems.

Funny and Dirty Christmas Poems

A pleasing mix of funny Christmas poems and dirty Christmas poems - for many, Christmas is an event that can only be survived with a few laughs or large quantities of alcohol. There's nothing too bitter or twisted for the season of goodwill and nothing too religious either, just funny festive poetry to fill the odd half hour while you wait for the sprouts to finally finish cooking.

The Peculiar Poetry Collection of Funny Christmas Verse eBook

As an innovation for Christmas 2011, we've published our first eBook, the snappily titled Peculiar Poetry Collection of Funny Christmas Verse. Jam-packed with funny Christmas poems, parodies and pastiches, with the odd nonsense poems thrown in for good measure, the collection is as warm, frothy and intoxicating as a pint of beer, and equally unsuitable for children.

Other Christmas Poems

I made the unfortunate mistake of writing the funny Christmas poetry section before asking Paul Curtis where he got any additional Christmas poems to contribute and, rather worse, forgetting that he is something of an expert on the subject, having published a prose anthology on the history and traditions of Christmas. As a result, there is a whole new section of the site devoted to Paul's Christmas poetry, which includes selections of poems about Christmas traditions, religious Christmas poems, Christmas love poems and a selection of leftover Christmas poetry - the poetic equivalent of Boxing Day turkey.

Valentine's Day Poems

Many object to the hype and commercialism that surrounds Valentine's Day, so we have an unusual selection of humorous and romantic poems to cover every possible take on this annual love fest. Romantic valentines poems with which to serenade your partner (much preferred to overpriced red roses), funny Valentine's day poems to woo the object of your affections and twisted funny Valentine poems to rebuff the advances of unwelcome suitors.