Funny Christmas Poems

Paul Curtis' funny Christmas poems are light, humorous and essentially clean poems about Christmas and the odd rituals which surround the festive period. From the hell of visiting relatives to the politics of the office hierarchy, all aspects of Christmas, both home and away, are covered in Paul's initial salvo.

Happy Christmas Auntie Peggy

A strangely funny poem about an unusual Christmas present purchased for the eponymous Auntie Peggy.

The Honest Santa Fairy

Essentially a joke retold in the form of a poem, The Honest Santa Fairy hides beneath its humour an essential truth.

Christmas Shopping

It is surely coincidence that the protagonist of this poem about Christmas shopping is female and supermarket assistant male - perhaps we'll look to swap the sex of the participants periodically in the spirit of sexual equality.

Satan Rules KO

And to follow, a special funny Christmas peom for dyslexics... And yes, I know you shouldn't start sentences with an and, any more than you should you mock the afflicted.

Just Another Day At The Office

Depending on where you sit in the pecking order, this is either a rather cynical or an ultra-realistic view of Christmas at the office.

Christmas With The Browns

Why would you invite the most horrendous family imaginable to share your Christmas repast with you? There can only be one possible reason.

Christmas Cheer

A Christmas Day visit to the pub leaves the protagonist in the proverbial doghouse.

Christmas Post

Confusion reigns at the post office when Mildred tries to buy her Christmas stamps.

Three Wise Ones

An alternative view of the nativity story delivered with a feminist twist.

Full Of The Christmas Spirit

A poem extolling the virtues of a most bibulous Christmas Day.

Preparing The Bird

A twisted funny poem about the trials and tribulations of preparing your Christmas turkey.