Nostalgic Funny Poems

An collection of Max Scratchmann's poems which cast a humorous backward glance at events, institutions and attitudes of the latter part of the twentieth century.

Watching with Mother

Readers of a certain age will remember fondly the television programmes of the 'Watch with Mother' era.

Remembering Morecambe Prom

A bitter-sweet poem about Morcambe, a once thriving seaside resort on the Lancashire coast. For transatlantic readers, it may be worth pointing out that there's a world of difference between the glitzy sophistication of an American prom and the windswept desolation of an English prom(enade).

Dylan Thomas at MacDonald’s (from an idea by Chancery Stone)

The grease-spotted, salt-licked fries lie on the counter by the boy with the lack-lustre hair is the open line this lyrical 'Burger Wars' poem executed in the style of Dylan Thomas. Parody, pastiche or homage? I'll leave you to decide.

Our Family Holiday

The trials and tribulations of a traditional family holiday are related in this funny poem, which concludes with an unexpected twist.

Hooray for Harry Graham

A humorous poem which explores the literary and social landscape of the past and concludes that all is not quite as it seems.

The Ramsbottoms Live Again

The Ramsbottom family set of on an epic canal trip to the seemingly unattainable Southport. The poem is punctuated by a variety of unusual incidents, but concludes with an all too familiar refrain.

When I Became A Teenager In 1969

They say that if you remember the sixties, you were'nt there. Hoverer, some poor souls reached at their teenhood just as the party was over.

A Lady’s Advice to Her Daughter

A light hearted guide to English etiquette delivered in verse form.