Pet Peeve Poems

Pet peeves are those petty annoyances which aggravate or irritate you far more than they really should; pet hate poems a wonderful way to vent ones spleen.

Is This Art?

If there was a Turner Prize for poetry, this piece would certainly be a contender, except that it's concrete, it's comprehensible and Paul didn't dress up in a frock to create it - or at least I don't think he did.

Sexual Discrimination

A funny poem about sexual discrimination, but surprisingly not about the sort of political correctness which assured three-legged lesbian single mothers of high-paying positions on the GLC's Women's Committee.

Rap Trap

A poetic rant, or should that perhaps be a rave, about rap music.

Right On

Right On is probably the poem you were expecting when you read Sexual Discrimination, a diatribe against discrimination legislation and political correctness gone mad.

Meal Deal

Meal Deal is the second poem featured on Peculiar Poetry which has the potential to see us involved in a high profile and costly court case with the McDonalds Corporation. Well, it's always been said that no publicity is bad publicity.

PC Coffee

Another in Paul Curtis' series of funny poems about political correctness and the absurdities into which it leads us.

Yes Prime Minister

A funny political poem, the tone of which suggests that Paul Curtis won't be standing as a prospective parliamentary candidate at the next election.

What are Little Girls Made Of?

A humorous poem which explodes the 'sugar and spice' myth to reveal some funny, yet unpalatable, truths about the true nature of womanhood.

Status Symbol

Some tattoos say more about you than you would ever care to know.

So Not Attractive

The poet has a roving eye which finds pleasure in all sorts of female attire, but there's one sartorial combination which really gets his goat.

Weather Or Not

Is global warming a reality that has crept up on us unawares, or a most ridiculous piece of pseudo-science?

Hey Wayne

Unmarried grand multiparous mothers are the subject of this barbed funny poem. In this instance, grand is a quantitative, rather than a qualitative descriptor.