Single Motherhood

A funny poem about single mothers, particularly promiscuous multiparous unmarried mothers. aka slappers.


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Hey Wayne

Bimbette an unmarried mother went to claim benefit
And in front of a case manager she was asked to sit
He asked her “How many children do you have then?”
After a few moments the mother finally replied “Ten”
Horrified and thinking this was “One of those” claims
"Ten?" Said the case manager "What are their names?"
Bimbette replied impatiently “They’re all called Wayne”
“They’re all called Wayne? Isn’t that a bit of a pain?
"Naah" she said "If they’re out playing in the street
“I just shout, “Come in Wayne” and it works a treat”
“It works at bed time and when its time for dinner”
“But what if” asked the manager in a perturbed manner
"You want to speak to one boy individually?" He said
"That’s easy," she said "I use their surnames instead"

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

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