Funny Poems for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day, which falls on the fourteenth of February, is the day on which lovers, and potential future lovers, exchange tokens of their love and affection. In practice, this means that Valentine’s Day has an entirely different significance for lovers and putative lovers.

For those in relationships, it is a day of tenderness and devotion, for the giving of gifts and the protestation of love. For everyone else, it is the one day of the year on which stalking becomes acceptable behaviour. On Valentine’s Day, you can with impunity send anonymous, innuendo-laden messages of love to those you admire or lust after.

If words are a powerful weapon in the war that is love, poetry is the ultimate weapon with which to ensnare ones prey or repel unwelcome advances. Peculiar Poetry’s selection of Valentine's poetry is eclectic and idiosyncratic – there are amorous, humorous, romantic and repellent Valentine’s Day poems with which to woo, or wound, your intended victim.

Short Funny Valentine Poems

A series of five poems by Paul Curtis which share the opening line On Valentines Day. The poems are intentionally cheesy and laden with puns.

Funny Valentine Poems

Romantic poems for St. Valentine's Day which are leavened with the lightest touch of humour, or bludgeoned with its sledgehammer blows.

Bitter Sweet Valentine Poems

Perhaps better described as anti-valentines poems, a collection of humorous poems about love's myriad disappointments.

Twisted Funny Valentine Poems

A selection valentines poems for those seeking that perfect valentines riposte, or who enjoy darker funny valentines poems with a twist in the tail.

Dirty Valentines Poems

There's nothing too filthy or depraved to contend with, but some of our dirty valentines verse may prove a little too schoolboy for some and too extreme for others. The whole Peculiar Poetry website is something of a taste test, so it's inevitable a few will find it disgusting.

Funny Valentine Poems for Kids

Children and hyper-sensitive readers may prefer to visit Funny Poems for Kids, which has a clean and wholesome collection of funny valentines poems by Paul Curtis and Patrick Winstanley. The kids' collection has a small overlap with the Peculiar Poetry site, but includes a number of exclusive poems, including Patrick's egotistical heart- shaped concrete poem, Me Me Me.

And for those seeking true love:

Romantic Valentine Poems

A series of heartfelt, romantic love poems to put the romance back into Valentine's Day. But beware, because there are a few heartbreaking poems of love and loss lurking amongst the more upbeat romantic poems.