Funny Poems about Eating, Drinking and Smoking

Non-smoking, teetotal vegans are the dullest creatures to walk God's earth (I've lost at least 0.05% of my readership with that introduction), so it's not surprising that Paul's funny poems focus on eating, drinking and smoking to excess, or at least beyond the dictats of the medical establishment. It seemed appropriate therefore to bundle them with a selection of humorous health-related poems which deal not only with the consequences of overindulgence, but also with a vast array of unpleasant medical conditions and unsavoury surgical procedures.

Poems About Eating

From advice about five-a-day diets to poems mocking the morbidly obese, the funny eating poems offer a veritable smorgasbord of the silly, the surreal and the sick.

Drinking Poems

There are lashings of poems about drinking, drunkenness and it's consequences, interspersed with an occasional poem sponsored by the Temperance League to provide balance. Not than drinkers have much sense of balance!

Poems about Smoking

As the government continues its campaign to tax smokers into extinction, we fight back with a collection of hilarious poems about the joys (and the perils) of smoking.

Funny Health Poems

A series of funny poems which are really more about ill-health that health. Doctors and dentists feature in the poems, as do some pseudo-health professionals including assorted therapists, snake oil salesmen and nurses.