Funny Poems about Life and Death

A collection of funny poems about life, family, health, death and the afterlife by Paul Curtis, Patrick Winstanley and Max Scratchmann.

Funny Poems about Life

Humorous poems which tackle life's big issues - conception, contraception, birth, death, gardening.

Family Poetry

A series of poems about families, family relationships and domestic life, some based on personal experience, other pure fantasy.

Biographical Poems

Not, I would admit, an inspired title, but the subject covers poetry about both real and fictional characters and includes both historical and contemporary biographies. There is a definite bias towards English subjects, which may leave overseas readers perplexed.

Funny Celebrity Poems

A selection of funny poems which celebrates celebrity, yet is not afraid the deflate the egos of the torpid, turgid and talentless.

Poems about Fame

A mix of poems about famous figures and the pursuit of fame itself. Max's selection of famous people is reasonably mainstream, but what he does with them is sometimes disturbing.

Funny Sports Poems

Humorous poems about a variety of sports and recreational activities which range from the athletic - rowing, football and rugby - to the distinctly sedentary - hot air ballooning, bingo and golf.