Religious Christmas Poems

A varied selection of Paul Curtis' religious Christmas poems, which are both thoughtful and thought-provoking. The selection includes poems the look of the biblical history of Christ's birth and poems which reflect on the significance of Christmas to contemporary Christians.

A Saint Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas

A poem which interweaves the biblical and historical to provide an interesting insight into the religious festivals that surround the Christmas period.

Joshua, Joshua

What's in a name? The poem explores the different names had been used to describe the one whose birth is celebrated at Christmas.

A Man for All Seasons

A heartfelt poem which concluded with the invocation that believing in God should be a year-round activity, not just a Christmas special.

Christmas Rules

A gentle reminder that Christmas is not a period of overindulgence and unalloyed joy for everyone.

Christmas Candle

A Christmas acrostic - an acrostic poem is one in which the initial letters of each line spell out the word or words of significance to the poem - with a simple but powerful message.

Christmas Jamming

A sad, yet uplifting Christmas poem which emphasises the need to see the bigger picture when the usual Christmas frustrations get one down.

Born in a Stable

A retelling of the biblical story of Christ's birth in verse form.

The Holy Infant

A poem about the spiritual bond which brings Christians together to celebrate Christmas and the shared experience of morning service.

The Worshipful Morn

A gentle reminder that the true meaning of Christmas lies not in the exchanging of gifts but in the sharing of God's greatest gift, his love for mankind.

His Gift

A poem about Christmas morning which counterpoints the excitement of the opening presents with that of attending morning service.

A Time to Remember

The poem contrasts the modern celebration of Christmas with it's excitement and excess with the simple stable scene which heralded the arrival of Our Saviour.

Christmas Is A Gift

A succinct poem about the true Christmas gift which packs a powerful punch.

Two Thousand Years Have Passed

Looking back over two thousand years of Christian history and the significance of Christ's birth and death to the Christian faith.

Silent Night, Holy Night

A poem in praise of the much loved Christmas carol, Silent Night.

There’s No Better Time than Christmas

A jolly, jaunty poem about the significance of Christmas to members of the Christian church.

The First Night Before Christmas

A sensitive and serious parody of Clement Clarke Moore's epic poem 'A Visit from St. Nicholas', also known as 'The Night Before Christmas' and 'Twas the Night Before Christmas'.

All Bowed Before The Newborn

The story of Christ's birth is retold on verse form.

The Church Bells Ring Out

A poem in celebration of church choral singing, one of the great joys of Christmas.

Christmas, Christmas

A contemplative poem which questions whether God's gift of his Son as our Saviour has been fully appreciated by those who He was sent to save.