Funny Poems About Life

Funny poetry about life may appear a contrived category, but the themes running through the poems - contraception, pregnancy, alcoholism, fishing, gardening - illuminate the mundanity, the uncertainty and the absurdity of much of modern life.

Living Alone

In deference to the fairer sex, it has to be said that the squalor and depravity to which the poem alludes is almost certainly a symptom of men living on their own.

The Scene of the Slime

Funny poems about slugs and snails are usually of the anthropomorphic variety, but this is a dark and menacing poem about the revenge to be extracted on these slimy garden invaders.

One in Five

I always introduce any funny poem about foreigners with the caveat that the poem's intent is humorous, rather than xenophobic. In this case, it's the Chinese who are are at the wrong end of some rather strange statistical analysis.

Size Doesn't Matter

Size, of course, does matter! However, this humorous poem occupies a sort of fantasy land mid way between normal life and psychosis, familiar territory for the dipsomaniac.

Plumbing Tips

Another of those funny poems which carries with it all manner of dirty allusions and innuendo for those with filthy minds. For the remainder, it's a simple poem about plumbing and a useful aide memoire.


Life is full of trials and tribulations, but its also full of tests - spelling tests, driving tests, breathalyser tests and tests for pre-senile dementia - some of which can have life changing consequences.

Nature or Nurture

A poem about social class which provides a funny twist on the nature versus nurture debate.

New Angles

A comic poem about fishing, a recreational activity which is extraordinarily popular in England and thus likely to be banned by Toni Blair (sic) in the not too distant future.

A Little Off the Top

Short and sweet, A Little Off the Top turns a familiar scenario quite literally on its head.

Cream of Society

An ironic poem about posh people which echoes perfectly the views of the Socialist Worker Party. Perhaps they'd like to sponsor it!

A to B

A delightfully light and readable poem about travelling by car and the fellow motorists you might encounter on your journey.