Driving Me Crazy

A short-long poem about driving and the terrifying assortment of hazards that you encounter on a typical journey.


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From A to B

When Going from A to B
It’s amazing what you see
White van man
Going hither and thither
White headed oldies
All of a dither
Driving school students
Holding up the flow
People who can’t navigate
Who don’t know where to go
School run mums
Stopping where they may
Lane weaving bikers
Going their own way
Men in lycra on cycles
Breaking all the rules
Boy racers joyriding
Drag racers in duals
Stressed out salesmen
Talking on mobile phones
Able-bodied drivers
Parked in disabled zones
The Arrogant in BMW’s
Driving in bus lanes
Speeding in the sunshine
And again when it rains
Affluent Essex girls
Driving four by fours
Its hell getting anywhere
I’d rather stay in doors

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

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