Funny Biographical Poems

The 'famous people poetry' is further divided into poems about characters from the present era - 'contemporary figures' - and those dragged from the depths of antiquity - 'historical biographies'.

Historical Biographies

A Stitch in Time

A funny poem about King Alfred, the English king remembered only for his culinary failings.

Voyage of Discovery

Sir Walter Raleigh is famous as the person who discovered all the things ending in 'o' - igloo, Plato, tobacco, Tokyo.

Rev. Spooner

An Oxford don, Dr. Spooner was noted for his verbal malfuscations which involved transposing the initial letters of adjacent words. Distant relative of Mrs. Malaprop (q.v.).

One Hit Wonder

Historical-biographical in theory, historical-simplistic in reality.

Contempory Figures

Heartfelt Thanks

A small tribute to Christian Barnard, the South African surgeon who ?successfully performed the first heart transplant operations.

Descent of Man

A serious poem on a serious subject - terrorism.

Descent of Woman

What is it with the woman? The Australians managed to persuade her to leave her native shores, since when she has insinuated herself into the English media to an alarming extent - weekly column in the Telegraph, regular slot on the Late Review, views on absolutely everything. Can you guess who she is yet? (Sorry, that's Rolph, her antipodean half-brother).

Mixed Message

This poem was inspired by Paul Adams, the South African cricketer, who has an extraordinary disarticulated action which was famously described as like a "frog in a blender".

Princess Margaret

The Queen's younger sister, now sadly departed, was renowned for her wicked sense of humour and delight at making sycophantic courtiers blush.

Spotty Horror

'Harry Potter and the Angst of Adolescence' might be a more appropriate title for this poem, which deals with Harry's teen years and some of his pubescent problems.