Rude and Dirty Poems

A selection of funny rude and dirty poems which range from the mildly titillating to the frankly obscene. Some of the poems are sexual, anatomical or scatological in nature, or on occasion all three. The poems are not suitable for miners, street sweepers or submariners, nor indeed for left-wing Guardian reading militant feminists.

Rude Poems

In a collection of funny poems for teenagers and adults there is a tendency for many of the poems to be slightly risqué, but these rude poems have been rounded up and herded together as they might cause offense even to some adults. The primary aim of the poems is always to amuse rather than to shock and the use of language may be graphic, but it is not gratuitous.

Funny Sex Poems

The funny sex poems may be quite as dirty as some of the dirty poems, but the poems are specifically sexual in their subject matter and intentionally funny, rather than simply smutty or shocking. Subjects for the poems include, amongst many others, ED and STDs, contraception and conception, fellatio and funambulism.

Dirty Poems

There's a world of difference between dirty poems and funny dirty poems. The purpose of a funny dirty poem is to amuse, rather than to shock, and its humour leavens its less salubrious elements. However, you should approach the dirty poems with caution if you are the sort of person who is easily offended. For those who are easily confused, there are online dictionaries galore which will provide suitable (although sometimes self-referential) definitions of cottaging, frottaging, dogging, tea bagging and many more sexual deviancies.

More Rude and Dirty Poems

There is a further, slightly more conventional collection of Paul Curtis's funny sex poems on our sister site, Love Poetry. By conventional sex poems, I really mean poems about human, as opposed to animal or vegetable, sex and sexuality.

For lovers of juvenalia, Paul Curtis's collection of Rude Nursery Rhymes includes parodies of over 100 well known and lesser known nursery rhymes and traditional English playground verses. From Humpty Dumpty and Georgie Porgie to Dr Foster and the Queen of Hearts, no nursery rhyme goes unmolested.