Funny Age-related Poems

The young wish they were older, the middle aged wish they were younger and the seriously old delight in telling you just how old they are - I'm in my 90th year, you know. All offer fertile hunting grounds for funny poetry, even before you take into account the ravages that aging causes to the human body.

Poems about Youth

Humorous poems that transport the reader from childhood to the adolescence in a series of easy leaps and bounds.

Teenage Life

I'll come clean - a single funny poem about teenagers does not a teenage poetry collection make. But Max Scratchmann's poem about the adolescent condition is honest, insightful and arrives at a gloriously funny, if slightly unexpected conclusion. A must read poem for all parents of teenage boys.

Addendum. We've had an addition to Max's teenage life poems, Sex Education II, which throws more light than some would like on the subject of adolescence sexuality.

Birthday Poems

Birthdays bring joy and pain in equal measure, but inevitable funny birthday poems focus on the embarrassment that birthdays bring to those who are sensitive about the subject of age. Although there's a limited selection at present, Happy Birthdays is a universal birthday poem suitable for any of the major milestone birthdays of mid or later life.

Middle Age

Too old to be young, Too young to be old… The opening lines of Paul's poem Middle Age Blues sums up the bewilderment and confusion that can surround middle age. Which makes it a tricky subject for the sufferers of mid-life crises and an excellent one for funny poems.

Midlife Angst

We hand over to Max for a quartet of poems about the trials and tribulations of inhabiting those precarious middle years, from an inevitably male perspective.

Anxieties about Aging

More musings from Max about the multitudinous anxieties which accompany the aging process. Aches, pains, inflexible joints and failing eyesight are all common and well recognised ailments, but Max's most serious concern results from his discovery of the first grey pubic hair.

Growing Old

Really two distinct collections of funny poems about aging, in that the body parts that sag, droop or drop off are different markedly between the sexes. Mens sana in corpore sano is just a distant dream, or an entirely impractical joke.


A small selection of poems about the transition from worker bee to drone.

Poems about Old Age

The most populated section of the age-related poems, the funny poems about old age focus on the decay and decrepitude encountered in the twilight years. Don't worry, the poems are warmly humorous rather than cruel and we stop just short of death.