Funny Poems of Fame and Fortune

A collection on Max Scratchmann's funny poems about famous people and the pursuit of fame and fortune. I must warn you that Max moves in exalted literary and artistic circles, so some of his heroes (or villains) may be less well known to us ordinary folk.

Steamy Dreams

A funny poem about an fantasy encounter with the poet Wendy Cope. Be warned, it's about much more than just making cocoa.

Hollywood Bound

Hollywood beckons as a family set of in search of stardom in the city of the silver screen.

Detective Drama

A funny poem about the sleuth studded world of detective fiction.

Another World

A funny poem about Star Trek, which will mean a great deal more to some than to others.

Peculiar Personages

The poem is subtitled Being a Nonsense Biography of Oliver Goldsmith, which will see you either racing to read the poem or scrabbling for Wikipedia to find out WTF is Oliver Goldsmith and WTF is going on.

The King

An Elvis themed poem which is interwoven with the titles of his songs.

Art Attack

This poem about contemporary art could equally well have been classified with the humorous hate poems or the special collection reserved for poems containing possibly the most offensive word in the English language. Never apologise and never explain.

Long Live The King

A Graceland themed poem which will intrigue but not necessarily delight diehard Elvis fans.

Be Careful What You Wish For

There are alternative career paths and alternative career slippery slopes…

Pure Fantasy

Max's Ode to Doris Day is exactly as described on the tin.