A poem about an family quest to find fame and fortune in Hollywood. The unlikely starting point for this epic journey is Clitheroe, Lancs.


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A Star Is Born

Pack up the Morris, Dad, and pile it up good,
It’s goodbye to Clitheroe, we’re off to Hollywood,
Load in Aunty Doris, and Rover too, and Mum,
I’m off to make my fortune, I hope that you will come.

We’re driving off from Liverpool, across the Atlantic sea,
Dad, I really need you, to be second driver for me,
To navigate Los Angeles and Culver City too,
You know I’m crap with map stuff, get in the car, oh do!

I have my show reel in my hand, my CV in my pocket,
And if it takes a day or two we’ll hock our Auntie’s locket,
We’ll pitch our stuff to Cecil B and Daryl Zanuck at Fox,
And have the food we cannot eat packed in a doggie box.

So come on, get in the car, Dad, we’re off to Hollywood,
Forget your reservations, Dad, it really will be good.

Copyright © Max Scratchmann. All Rights Reserved

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