Funny Love Poems

A quick Public Service Announcement to remind readers that Paul Curtis's collection encompasses both funny poems about romance and relationships, together with generally innoffensive perverse verse. So you'll find poems about cottaging, frottaging and voyeurism sit cheek by jowl with cute and cuddly love poems which are warm, humorous and often LOL funny. There would have been an argument for separating the clean funny love poems from the less salubrious offerings, but instead it's a wonderful hotchpotch with some delightfully unexpected juxtapositions. For those who prefer their funny love poems a little straighter, Paul's Love Poetry site has collections of funny romantic poems and humorous love poems which are more conventional.

I Wanted Her

A funny poem about love which is both titillating and tantalising, yet ultimately warmly satisfying.

Accidents Happen

A short humorous poem which reveals an irrefutable truth about accidents involving cars.

One Day My Prince Will Come

For the girls, a lesson in love from their own poetic agony uncle; for the lads, a rather downbeat and dispiriting message.

The Giant Attraction

The Giant Panda must be one of the most studied creatures on the planet, every minute detail of their life put under intense scrutiny.

What Were You Doing?

A poignant poem about young love and the iconic cultural hat stands on which we hang our memories.

A Shadow Of Your Former Self

A strangely touching poem in which the tone changes from combative to gently humorous in the final verse.

Sexual Duty

Misogynistic or realistic? I'll let the reader decide.

Scientific Sex

An intriguing little poem which endeavours to unravel the difference between sex and love. If you don't like either physics or chemistry, your romantic future is looking rather bleak.

Private Parts

A smutty poem about an army romance which provides wonderful opportunities for innuendo and double entendre, but is not quite dirty enough to find a place in the dirty poetry section.

Great Bodywork

A poem in which a roving eye gets an errant husband into hot water.

Lay By

By the standards of Peculiar Poetry, Lay By is a poem of epic proportions - 36 lines devoted to some hanky panky in a lay by, but with an unexpectedly funny, bitter-sweet ending.

Boiler Replacement Scheme

A straight funny poems in which the protagonist misunderstands the scope the government's latest energy initiative.