More Funny Poems about Love

A further collection of Paul Curtis's funny love poetry, with the emphasis firmly on funny, rather than love, romance or relationships. More romantically inclined readers will find that Paul's love poetry site has more conventional funny love poems and humorous love poems.


There may be plenty more fish in the sea, but this humorous love poem focuses on the ones that got away.

To Protect And Serve

A police officer injured in the line of duty suffers as a result of his heroism.

Bingo, Bango, Bongo

A funny poem about group sex. Need I say more?

The It Girl

The worlds of geekdom and romance seldom meet, but in Paul's quasi-romantic poem the two collide with hilarious consequences.

What Are You Looking For?

Are men looking for sordid sexual encounters or something more solid in their relationships?


A very silly poem about a school romance, but don't expect anything as simple as childhood sweethearts.

The Courting Rule

A nostalgic poem which explores how the dating game has changed over the past half century.

Less Is More

The protagonist puts forward a poetic 'shopping list' of the attributes he is looking for, and looking to avoid, in a partner.

I Love Pooh Bear

I wouldn't ordinarily countenance such extreme lovey-doveydom, but normal service will be resumed shortly.

My Man Is My Best Friend

Some things, most things, some people would say almost anything is more reliable than a man at propping up a sagging relationship.

Study Buddy

I'm not quite sure what a study buddy is, but judging from this poem we could all do with one!

When My Girlfriend Suggested #1

A pure and simple poem which relies for its humour on a sense of anti-climax.

We Had Separate Holidays

An extreme form of relationship counselling doesn't go quite far enough.

What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted?

A twisted funny poem about a young man who is unlucky in love. Or is it a case of a lucky escape?