Funny Poetry

Paul Curtis writes funny poems about a broad range of subjects, but the initial selection of his work is biased towards his humorous poetry with a romantic flavour, ranging from funny love poems to some frankly filthy poems.

Humorous Poems

The humorous poetry section is a repository for Paul's 'straight' funny poems - clean, uncomplicated poems which, whilst extremely varied in their subject matter, are consistently funny in their execution.

Twisted Funny Poems

The 'twisted' funny poems are altogether deeper and darker humorous poems, which may have a sting in the tail, or induce feelings of slight revulsion, or quite possibly both. Voyeurism, phlegm and shaved armpits are just some of the delicate subjects tackled humorously in the series of twisted funny poems.

Funny Sports Poems

Humorous poems about a variety of sports and recreational activities which range from the athletic - rowing, football and rugby - to the distinctly sedentary - hot air ballooning, bingo and golf.

Funny Health Poems

A series of funny poems which are really more about ill-health that health. Doctors and dentists feature in the poems, as do some pseudo-health professionals including assorted therapists, snake oil salesmen and nurses.

Funny English Poems

All of Paul's poems are written in English, but those chosen for the 'funny English poems' section have a peculiarly English quality. Readers who are unfamiliar with concepts such as 'white van man', 'the boat race' or 'chavs' may struggle to grasp the humour in some of the poems.

Funny Poems about Life

Humorous poems which tackle life's big issues - conception, contraception, birth, death, gardening. For many, gardening represents a form of perpetual punishment at least a fearsome as the fourth circle of hell in Dante's inferno, whereas others claim to garden for pleasure!!

Pet Hate Poems

Angst ridden, barbed and opinionated, 'pet hate poems' express funny, forthright views about the irritations of contemporary life - sexual discrimination, political correctness, modern art, rap music et al.

Funny Poems about Famous People

A selection of funny poems which celebrates celebrity, yet is not afraid the deflate the egos of the torpid, turgid and talent less who are trying to pass themselves of as famous.

Funny Love Poems

The collection includes conventional funny love poems, together with some rather less conventional poems about 'funny love' - sexual inversion, perversion, frottaging - the more extreme of which are included amongst the dirty poems.

Funny Wedding Poems

Humorous poems about engagements, weddings and marriage which take a rather circumspect view of the institution of matrimony. I'll let you add your favourite quote about people who live in institutions.

Funny Sex Poems

Appropriately enough, funny sex poems lie somewhere between funny love poems and dirty poems. The sex poems may be quite as dirty as some of the dirty poems, but the poems are specifically sexual in their subject matter and intentionally funny, rather than simply smutty or shocking.

Funny Dirty Poems

There's a world of difference between dirty poems and funny dirty poems. The purpose of a funny dirty poem is to amuse, rather than to shock, and its humour leavens its less salubrious elements. However, you should approach the dirty poems with caution if you are the sort of person who is easily offended.