Humorous Poems

A diverse collection of Paul Curtis' humorous poetry on subjects ranging from the sex life of the giant panda to silver surfing, from beer to the fear of exotic creature.

I Do Not Like That

A funny poem offering sage advice about how to identify those creatures which are best avoided.

Senile Virus

Senile virus is both a funny poem about computing amongst the 'silver surfer' generation and an acrostic. Acrostic poems are poems in which the initial letter of each line forms a word or phrase, in this the case the poem's title.


A humorous poem about the decline and fall of the Giant Panda.

What Do You Want Bud?

Whimsical and funny, What Do You Want Bud? is well worth re-reading if you don't 'get it' the first time around.

Fear Not

As modern life becomes more complicated, so our complexes become ever more complex.

Half And Half

A humorous poem about beer, which possibly won't wet your whistle.

Looking Puzzled

A poem which is either deep, meaningful, almost philosophical in nature, or a good natured piece of nonsense verse.

Rhyme and Punishment

A heartfelt, humorous poem about the frustrations of being a poet.


Palindromes are words, phrases or sentences which read the same both backwards and forwards. Palindrome is an ingenious poem in which each line of the verse is in the form of a palindrome.

Across the Void

A humorous poem about a strange and intriguing phenomenon, Across the Void will appeal to both dedicated UFOlogists and dyslexic urologists.

A Clown At Dinner

Essentially a funny joke in verse form, A Clown for Dinner is a fine example of narrative humorous poetry.


Not a poem about the interminable board game, but rather about one of life's strange contradictions.