Humorous Poems 3

If you've read this far, you'll have discovered that Paul Curtis's humorous poetry includes a few painful puns, cheesy whotsits and the odd contrivance which verges on the bizarre.

Culture Vulture

A seemingly sincere poem which has a sting in the tail. By the end, you'll be wondering whether the poem's 'culture vulture' can't get enough of the arts, or whether he'd like to see them ripped to shreds!

Beware The Ides…

Warning: Understanding this poem requires a basic understanding of a Shakespeare and a tolerance of dodgy puns.

Harry, Larry And Barry

Even similarly-named friends have trouble communicating, it seems, in this affectionate lambasting of the elderly.

Mobile Communication

A rambling ode to the pointless bells and whistles that come customarily attached to what used to be a fairly straightforward device.

Money Can’t Buy Happiness

A short poem that puts a new spin on a well-worn cliche.

One, Two, Three, Lift

Have you ever wondered why sound engineers behave in such an apparently nonsensical way? The author has a theory.

Crime Watch

An absurdist take on crime-prevention that is perhaps rather too optimistic about the power of the weather.