Easy to Please?

'Less is more' would be the battle cry of Paul's poem which laments the ever increasing complexity of mobile phones.


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Mobile Communication

“I want to buy a mobile phone”
“No I don’t want a camera
Not even video
No I don’t want movie downloads
Screensaver’s, internet access
Or downloads of any kind
I don’t want WAP or WiFi
I don’t need 100 ringtones
10000 free minutes
Or unlimited texts at weekends
I don’t want to play games
I don’t need an MP3 player
I neither want nor need
Blue tooth
Sharks tooth
Hounds tooth
Or dog tooth
What I want is a device
To make and receive phone calls
And texts like wise
I just want to buy a BLOODY PHONE”
“Thank you that one will be perfect
Does it have a torch?”

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

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