Humorous Christmas Poems

A selection of Paul Curtis's humorous poems for the festive period which are gently amusing rather than laugh out loud funny. Subjects for the poems vary widely, from santa clause to snowmen and from Scrooge to the Grinch, but the most common theme is shopping and the damage it does to our wealth, health and sanity.

The Misery of Christmas

It was Christmas Eve in Dad's house describes the type of festive scene that many of us would go a long way to avoid, relatives or no relatives.

…and the Joy

The second of this pair of Christmas poems portrays the much more congenieal surrounding and company offered by Mum on Christmas Day.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

A funny poem about the joys of Christmas shopping, which some consider a form of purgatory and others have down to a fine art...

Deconstruction and Reconstruction

Zen and the Art of Snowman Building would be a suitable alternative title for this poem, in which humour and philosophy are intermingled.

Altered Perceptions

A humorous poem about Santa Claus and how one's view of him changes as one grows older.

Feeling Flat

A short poem about the curse of Christmas, an affliction which quickly follows the joy of present opening.


Call me oxymoronic, but Cool Yule is a long-short (short in style, but longer than short of execution) poem about the excitement of breaking up from school for Christmas.

Light Fingered

Christmas is the period of goodwill, but will the Judge accept the accused's novel excuse for his misdeeds?

Come All Ye Faithful

Wise words from a country dweller confound the vicar who is only too willing to duck his Christmas morning service.

Credit Fuelled

Spend, Spend, Spend... The first lines of a contemporary Christmas carol.

Credit Where Credit's Due

An overworked mother's plea for a little peace and goodwill at Christmas.

Hot Tip

A poem which will strike a chord with anyone who has their newspaper delivered by a paperboy / papergirl / paperperson, or more likely these days, a paperOAP.

Bah Humbug

A poem which brings together the two great misanthropes of the festive period.

Life Affirming

Cute and cuddly, light and fluffy, this poem distills the spirit of Christmas and offers a welcome relief after the earlier misanthropic offerings.