Yet More Humorous Christmas Poetry

If Christmas is a time of unalloyed joy for some and hell for others, the festivities provide opportunities aplenty for poets. Over indulging, an excess of jollity and a extreme piety are all characteristics which become amplified to comic extremes over the Christmas period.

Present Tense

Wise words on the delicate subject of gift giving.


A gently humorous poem about the hustle and bustle that accompanies the build up to Christmas and the great shopping splurge that accompanies it.

Hard to Contain

Prepare yourself got the unconstrained excitement that is the festive season.

Office Party Time

The corporate Christmas party provide opportunities for all sort of shenanigans: photocopied buttocks is just the start of it.

Shops In The High Street

A short guide on how to selling tat to Christmas shoppers and feel pretty smug about it afterwards.

Tuned Out

Having never watched a soap opera in my life, I've no idea what Paul's poem is on about, but I'm sure some of our readers will be better educated.

Seasons Greetings

Paul has a bit of a thing for pagan festivals, which brings a opportunity for some fun at the expense of those with speech impediments.

Better Late…

The only thing worse that sending Christmas cards which don't arrive for Christmas are late cards with overdue postage.

Too Much of a Good Thing?

Hating January may not sound very Christmassy, but the proposed solution most definitely is.

Post Early

More musing on the vexed subject of sending Christmas cards that arrive late.

I Am Blessed With Friends At Christmas

The recipe for a convivial Christmas, it would appear, closely mimics the recipe for some favourite Christmas fare.

Christmas Eve At The Hostelry

There is a familiar ritual of one too many Christmas drinks at thelocal pub, but he who sows the wind, reaps the whirlwind.

It Was In The Belfry

A mission of mercy in a belfry only just sees our protagonist escape a sticky end.

Christmas Gateau

Paul's recipe for Christmas gateau (what is wrong with the perfectly accpetable Anglo Saxon term torte… Ed) may prove too saccharine for some tastes.

When You Are In A Long Term Relationship

The quest for the holy grail has nothing on the frustrations of trying to find the perfect gift for the one you love on that special occasion.

Sick to the Back Teeth

A twisted festive poem to conclude Paul Curtis's collection of comic Christmas poems.