More Humorous Christmas Poems

A. second collection of humorous poems for and about Christmas. There's light and amiable poetry about the joy of christmas - families, children, carols and good cheer - together with a few of the horrors - over-exuberant christmas decorations, families, children and carols.

Grumpy Old Man

Normal service is resumed with a poem about the horrors of spending an antipodean Christmas with one's expatriate daughter.

Flash Lights

Over exuberant Christmas decorations are a fact of life and seem to grow in their complexity, or vulgarity, year after year. All this while the middle classes are busy saving the planet.

Caught Out

A lightly humorous poems about one of the least fearsome dangers of the Christmas period.

Rites of Passage

Christmas is the festival that we all love to hate. Oh no we don't!


Another funny Christmas poem which is both short and sweet.

One for Grammarians

A Christmas poem which will appeal to literary highbrows and may bemuse others who consider English grammar a closed book.

Health and Safety Shenanigans

H&S related frivolity in Paul's poem Carols By Candle Light, which concludes the collection Paul's funny Christmas poems, for the time being at least.

The Facts of Life

A poem which states an inalienable truth about the sex of Santa's reindeers, but manages to give the the whole issue a feminist slant.

Eager to Please?

The title of the poem is possibly ironic, which means that American readers would be well advised to sit this one out.

Political Musings

A strangely topical poem in which thoughts of international politics intervene during the turkey basting ritual.

Eyes Bigger Than One's Stomach?

A second poem about Christmas overindulgence, but this time focusing on eating to excess.

Aged and Confused

An unfortunate mix up results in a young man receiving an embarrassingly awful Christmas present from his aged Aunt (aged, in this case, probably means late 40s).