Short Funny Poems

A collection of Paul Curtis' short funny poems about love, life, death and sex. Paul writes both humorous and romantic poetry which encompass both short pithy and long narrative poems. This collection is a distillation of the really short poems from amongst Paul's various collections. The majority of the selected poems are only two or four lines, although some slightly longer poems have been allowed to creep in, if stylistically they are short in nature.

Unlike the remainder of the Peculiar Poetry collection, there isn't always an individual introduction to each poem. This isn't a sign that I'm becoming lazy, but because the humour of many of the poems is destroyed by any form of introduction. Instead, the poems are broadly categorised according to their subject matter and presented en masse.

Short Funny Love Poems

Humorous poems about romance, relationships and marriage provide a gentle introduction to Paul's collection of very short verse. If you find these poems distasteful or disturbing, you would be ill advised to proceed beyond this point.

Short Funny Poems about Life

A selection of short poems about family and domestic life, but as seen from a distinctly male perspective. The initial offering includes poems about toilet seat etiquette, the frustrations of owning a video recorder and how to please, or better appease, one's wife.

Short Humorous Poems about Death

Short poems about suicide, death, mortality and the afterlife doesn't sound like fertile ground for humour, but these poems are really, genuinely funny.

Short Funny Sex Poems

For some, the title of this collection will raise the ugly spectre of funny poems about premature ejaculation. Strangely, that only one of the many sexual themes explored. Readers should be warned that Paul takes very much a no holds barred approach to writing poems about sex, so those who don't want to know the final score should look away now!

Short and Curlies

A smorgasbord of short poems hurled together from the leftovers from the LOVE - LIFE - DEATH - SEX themed collections. This isn't to imply there won't be a feast of delectable titbits to enjoy, only that you won't discern a coherent theme to the Short and Curlies collection and there may be a few dishes which won't be to your (or indeed anyone's) taste.