Twisted Funny Poems

A collection of twisted funny poems which is indescribably funny and largely beyond categorisation. Some are cute, others toe curling or stomach churning, but all have an unexpected, funny denouement which I guarantee will take you by surprise.

Mr Whippy RIP

Readers who were hoping for a poem about sadomasochism, perhaps even Peculiar Poetry's first 'snuff poem', will be sorely disappointed. Other will delight in this deliciously funny poem about the aftermath of the 'ice cream wars'.

Oh Look

A strangely erotic poem which builds to an unexpected climax.

The Road To Damascus

A poem, a parable and a deliciously twisted view of modern 'care services'.

Raised To The Ground

A tragicomic poem about the unfortunate results of a house fire.

Splitting Up

A dark and twisted poem which reinforces commonly held views about the residents of Norfolk.

Someone Put The Cat Out

Following on from Raised to the Ground, a second funny poem about a domestic conflagration.

Mixed Race

A slightly disturbing poem which will strike a chord with both English and French people, but do nothing to promote Anglo-French relations.

Falling Down Drunk

There are numerous funny poems about crawling home from the pub, but Falling Down Drunk has a most surprising and satisfying twist.

Long Ago in the Old Wild West

A funny narrative poem about a bar room challenge which happened long, long ago in the old (American) wild west. Weren't cowboys disgusting creatures!


To my mind, Sisters is the most disgusting and disturbing poem in Paul Curtis' entire collection, yet I found it uproariously funny. The English are renowned for their sick sense of humour, other readers may not be so enamoured of its repulsive-convulsive qualities.

Ag The Ug

A poem about Agnes, who was one of the ugliest creatures to walk this earth. But even ugly people can have redeeming features.