More Twisted Funny Poems

Paul's second collection of funny twisted poems veers even further towards the extremes of taste and decency. It's not that the poems are rude, crude or dirty; it's just that a proportion of the poems offend against good taste. You feel deep down that you shouldn't be enjoying the poem, but you just can't help yourself.

Face Off

Funny, twisted and anti-Welsh. For may people this will be the perfect poem.

Internet Shopping

A poem of sex and depravity, which is relieved by a deliciously funny twist in the tail.

Mummy’s Little Angel

A twisted funny blonde poem. If you need a explanation of the blonde genre of literature - poems, jokes and shaggy shag stories - you may do well to skip the poem.

The Magic Mirror

A poke - hybrid joke-poem - about a husband's desire to increase the dimensions of his membrum virilis, which predictably disastrous results.

Where Eagles Dare

A shaggy shag poem, if you'll allow further mixing of the metaphors, about a lonely eagle soaring high in search of sex.

A Night With A Fit Bird

It's difficult to describe A Night With A Fit Bird without destroying the poem's climactic anti-climax.

Cold Shoulder

Sage advice for discordant couples delivered in Paul's inimitable style. By sage, I really mean satisfying, impractical and likely to end in divorce.

Pot Luck

A dinner table exchange sees the husband having the last word. But will he have the last laugh?

Little Red Riding Hoody

A parody of the nursery rhymes Little Red Riding Hood which has a contemporary twist and funny denouement .

Twin Delight

A funny poem about Paul's twin obsession. By which I mean Paul's obsession with twins, and with sex, and sometimes with all three.