Miscellaneous Christmas Poems

Paul Curtis' Christmas poetry concludes with a selection poems which range widely in terms of style and subject matter and intermingle love, death and shopping. For the romantically inclined, Paul's Love Poetry site includes a collection of his Christmas Love poems.

The Not So Great War

A poem about the brief interlude of calm that Christmas provided that the soldiers fighting on the front during the First World War.

Christmas Sky

Contrasting the gaudy Christmas lights with the beauty of the night sky, the poem reflections on the Christmas tradition which has sustained Christians for 2,000 years.

Harbinger of Yule

A light poem about the period running up to Christmas.

Christmas Shocking

A humorous poem about the annual ritual which is the 'big Christmas shop'.

Time For Christmas

Warm wishes to the world are offered at this short Christmas poem.

Seasons Greetings

A longer, and wholly socially inclusive, poetic festive greeting.

Kids Don’t Understand Christmas

A poem about all behind-the-scenes activity which goes on to ensure that children have a wonderful Christmas and the rewards that this brings.

Festive Feeling

A christmas poem which is overflowing with bonhomie.

Do You Believe In Santa?

Yes, no, not sure? It's not such a straightforward question and guides you towards a 'I don't believe in God, but I believe in 'a god' style of answer.

Tree Of Life

A sentimental Christmas poem which reflects on the significance on the Christmas tree as a symbol of the shared Christmas experience.

Christmas Day Is Almost Here

The sentiments of Christmas Day Is Almost Here all sounds wonderful, but I'm not sure they reflect everyone's experience of Christmas.

Christmas Sky

It may sound like a seasonal promotion for the ubiquitous TV broadcaster, but Christmas Sky is a wonderfully calm and measured poem reflecting the two millennia of the Christmas story.

The Christmas Ornaments

There may be a fashion for changing Christmas decorations annually to keep up with fashion, but there's something endearing about a Christmas tree with an assortment of decorations each of which hold a family story.

Snowflakes on the Day

Paul's poem is a beautiful evocation of that magical experience, snow fall on Christmas day.

Alphabet Of Christmas

An alphabetical indulgence of all the things that make the festive season a special time for Christians and for consumers.

Christmas Again

A poem which uses the repetition of the word again at the end of every line to evoke the ritual nature of teh Christmas festival.

Christmas - Acrostic

A Christmas double, in that the title provides the acrostic element of the poem.

Christmas Has Come

Simple but not simplistic, Christmas Has Come offers a warm and uplifting portrayal of the preparation that go into making the great day.

Christmas Card Selection

A little poetic rant about the de-christifying of Christmas cards.

Christmas Recipe

A rather touching poem about cappturing the try essence of Christmas and being able to enjoy it at other times during the year.

Greetings To The World

A poem about the many different ways used to wish others 'Happy Christmas' around the globe, which concludes with a funny/serious admonition against using that dreadful, politically correct Americanism which passes for a Christmas greeting.