Funny Poems of Love and Hate

A mix of funny love poems and funny poems about life's pet peeves by contemporary English poets Paul Curtis and Max Scratchmann.

Funny Love Poems

The collection includes conventional funny love poems, together with some rather less conventional poems about 'funny love' - sexual inversion, perversion, frottaging. There are more extreme examples of 'funny love' still to be found amongst the dirty poems.

Raunchy Rhymes

Max's collection of funny poems about love, lust and licentiousness will not be to all tastes, but its literary sophistication elevates it above mere dirty poetry. Subjects for Max's poems include office romance, lesbianism and the infamous Welsh disease, aka ovine love.

Funny Wedding Poems

The series of funny poems about engagements, weddings and marriages begins with a couple of sweet and sugary confections, before becoming darker and more bitter - rather like one's progression through a good box of chocolates.

Pet Hate Poems

Angst ridden, barbed and opinionated, Paul Curtis's pet hate poems express funny, forthright views about the irritations of contemporary life - sexual discrimination, political correctness, modern art, rap music, muffin tops et al. You may not share Paul's sentiments, but you can certainly delight in the venom with which Paul's victims are dispatched.

Humorous Hate Poems

Max's collection of humorous hate poems is the direct equivalent of Paul Curtis' Pet Hate Poems, the description changed because some of our less intelligent readers were expecting vituperative poems about pet animals. My preferred title is Pet Peeves and Petulant Poems, which better describes the generally misanthropic nature of the poetry, but falls headlong into the same pet trap.

More Funny Romantic Poems

Our seasonal collection includes a melange of funny valentines poem by Paul and Patrick.