Raunchy Rhymes about Love and Lust

Max initially sent me Morning Dictation, a charming and witty poem about the doomed relationship between a boss and his secretary. A request for further funny poems about love elicited this eclectic collection of raunchy rhymes about everything from bastardy to bestiality. Love is indeed a many splendoured thing!

Morning Dictation

At the office, an apparently innocuous dictation session results in Miss Jones receiving an unwelcome amorous proposition from her boss.

A Sad Song About A Parrot

A multi-layer poem about Jasper, a parrot who is jilted by a mynah bird with a roving eye.

The Tale of Mavis Davis and Her Son, Sid

A comic poem in the nonsense verse style about a family relationship which revolves around bastardy, an oedipal complex, homosexuality and deceit. Oh, and a smidgeon of love.

The Ballad of Billy-Joe and the Sheep

If you don't believe that bestiality is a suitable subject for humorous poetry, at least read the poem before you cast the first stone.

The Bawdy Ballad of Hester Haines

The poem lays bare the exploits of Hester Haines, a lusty lesbian with very particular tastes.

The Break Up

This humorous poem tells the story of a couple’s final encounter and is certainly not a model of the perfect way for a relationship to break up!

Sophie's Valentine

A dark and impenetrable poem for Valentine's Day which mixes love, death and remembrance.


A humorous poem about uxoricide and the unfortunate consequences of such a dastardly deed.