An Office Wrongmance

A gloriously funny and very typically English poem about a one sided office romance between a boss and his secretary. The missing rhyme in the last line turns it from a non-rude into a rude poem.


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Morning Dictation

Come in, Miss Jones, and take a letter,
How’s your mother, hope she’s better?
Now let’s see, ah, Gunn and Frame,
Their plea for time, it is quite lame,
So, my dear sirs, I do regret,
I must foreclose, I won’t forget,
I want the farm, the pigs, the corn,
Please do vacate by Monday morn.
That’s all dealt with, now let’s see,
I think we’ll take our morning tea,
Then we’ll write to Freddie Mann
And repossess his caravan,
Then send a bill to Dewar’s garage,
His profits I can duly ravage,
Foreclose the deal and repossess,
You do look lovely in that dress,
Then go kick out old Uncle Tom
And pile his stuff out on the lawn.
Ah, Miss Jones, Miss Jones, would you marry me,
And bring me up my morning tea?
I know it’s sudden, please don’t mind,
But I am solvent, warm and kind,
What’s that, my love, you spurn this banker?
And where did you learn a word like…?

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