Witty and Wry Poems

Progressing from the verbal contortions of Max Scratchmann's clean funny poems to the irreverent whimsy of Patrick Winstanley's Odes and Ends, you'll encounter parodies, shape poems, anaphorisms, old saws resharpened and the odd very odd poem indeed. You have been warned.

Clean Funny Poems

This selection of Max's pure and unblemished funny poems is exactly what is purports to be - straight, uncomplicated, understandable poems which are varied in terms of their style and subject matter.

Humorous Poems

The humorous poetry section is a repository for Paul Curtis's 'straight' humorous poems which are wide ranging, free flowing, even occasionally rambling, but consistently funny in their execution.

Animal Poems

Funny poems about a multitude of animals ranging from aardvarks to zebra. The animal poetry section has more than its fair share of poems in common with our children's poetry site, but there are some that will amuse an older audience.

Twisted Funny Poems

The 'twisted' funny poems are altogether deeper and darker humorous poems, which may have a sting in the tail, or induce feelings of slight revulsion, or quite possibly both. Voyeurism, phlegm and shaved armpits are just some of the delicate subjects tackled humorously in the series of twisted funny poems.

Funny English Poems

All of Paul's poems are written in English, but those chosen for the 'funny English poems' section have a peculiarly English quality. Readers who are unfamiliar with concepts such as 'white van man', 'the boat race' or 'chavs' may struggle to grasp the humour in some of the poems.

I've begun work on the glossary to unravel some of the complexities for colloquial English for American and other non-native speakers of English. However, like a good old BR train, it might take a little while to arrive.

Odes & Ends

Patrick's poems which are otherwise unclassifiable, forming a rag-bag collection of parodies, poetry about the writing process, shape poems and other detritus. A treat for those who enjoy unlikely juxtapositions; for others something of a disordered mess.