Funny Birthday Poems

Birthdays come around with alarming regularity and provide an opportunity both for celebration and self-examination. Paul's funny birthday poems delve into the real issues surrounding birthdays - growing old, feeling old and looking old.

Happy Birthdays

Another birthday has arrived
Happy birthday we all shout
The cake is a mass of candles
A milestone year without doubt
Just be sure you wish for strength
To blow all the candles out

50 Something

So you’re 50 something
No need to feel so glum
True you’re no spring chicken
And you’re the mom of a mom
You’re nearer the next milestone
Than you are the last one
But don’t fret about the numbers
Celebrate each day with aplomb
You truly are now a “WOW”
A “wiser older woman”
See the positive in the situation
Try to hold onto that if you can
Don’t think of the loss of youth
Focus on the gaining of wisdom
And if you believe all this rubbish
Then you really are undone

For My 60th Birthday

For my 60th birthday
I bought myself a sports car
It’s my pride and joy
Not that’s it’s been very far
As there is a slight problem
An oversight I have to admit
I need a hip replacement
Before I can get in it

It’s My Birthday Today And I’m Seventy Three

It’s my birthday today and I’m seventy three
And I’m fit as a fiddle, nothing wrong with me
Although my memory's not like it used to be
And also my memory's not like it used to be

Copyright © Paul Curtis