Funny Family Poems

A collection of funny poems about families, family life and relationships. It's worth re-emphasising that the Peculiar Poetry site contains poetry for teenagers and adults and that family poems and family-friendly poems are entirely different creatures.

Macho Pursuits

A funny poem offering comfort to all those who find the masculine posturing which accompanies dangerous sports a little hard to take.

It's Just a Game

One of my favourite types of poem, sometimes called 'marmalade droppers' on account of the unexpected change of direction.

Painless Labour

A parody of the nursery rhyme, in which the old woman who lived in a shoe finds her multiparous state of great benefit in 21st century Blairite Britain.

Mr Toad

The Mr. Toad in question is my brother-in-law, who has inherited his driving skills from the protagonist in The Wind in the Willows.

Better Late Than…

A 'shape poem', which was described to me as misogynistic in tone. I would argue that the poem works equally well, or badly, whichever character is wearing the trousers.

Ex Libris

A poetic warning for anybody who encounters someone professing to be a book lover.

Mixed Drinks

A rather silly little verse whose themes - incompetence, subversion or revenge - apply equally to domestic and office life.

Of Sound Mind

It is possible that the title is cleverer that the poem, or indeed that the poem is cleverer than the reader. If it sends you scurrying for the dictionary, don't forget to put it back when you've finished with it. If you don't possess a dictionary, perhaps it's time to read the next poem.

The Sick Note

If you've even thrown a prolonged sicky and struggled to persuade the doctor to write a sick note, this poem should strike a chord.

Poste Haste

Just recently my postal service has been terrible. I don't suppose that writing this poem will do much to improve the situation, but is was highly cathartic.

Muddleheaded Mary

A parody of the nursery rhyme 'Mary had a little lamb', but guaranteed duck free.

Just You

A romantic poem with just a hint of perversion.

What The Doctor Ordered

There is no sight more dispiriting for a doctor than a patient clutching a 'shopping list' of complaints, except perhaps a patient carrying a medical dictionary.

Rubber Duck

A nursery rhyme parody which explores the homoerotic aspects of male tub sharing.

Tricks Of The Mind

A humorous take on the process of aging and the accompanying mental deterioration suffered by those with dementia. It may not sound like a bundle of laughs, but…