Funny Poems About Famous People

We live in an age obsessed by celebrity, where people are famous only for being famous, or having large breasts, or being married to other spurious celebrities. Paul Curtis's collection of funny poetry about famous people includes biographical poems about iconic figures from history, contemporary pseudo-celebrities and the odd fictional character.

What's In A Name?

A clever poem which celebrates celebrity and involves some punishing puns.

A Sherwood Forest Romp

A funny poem in narrative form about the exploits of Robin Hood and his band of merry men. A Nottingham resident, I would happily see Robin Hood repatriated to Yorkshire.

Reliving The Sixties

A nostalgic look back at the 1960s, the decade which for many held the best of everything.

Happy Camper

The butt of this poem, literally and metaphorically, is the gloriously camp comedian Julian Cary.

WW II Drama…

A light poem which deals with a difficult subject, David Lloyd George's involvement in the events which lead up to the start of the Second World War.

…Reaches Resolution

A companion peace to War by George, the poem Thank God for Winnie celebrates Winston Churchill's strong stance against the might of the Hitler war machine.

Filmic Fantasies

A humorous poem about the celebrated American film maker Sam Pecking, famous for his graphic depiction of action and violence.

Jade Is Not A Precious Anything

It may help overseas readers to know that Jade Goody is a vacuous and pneumatically enhanced pseudo-celebrity who came to prominence, or perhaps dual prominence, as a result of appearing on the show Big Brother. Then again, it might make you decide to simply skip the poem completely.


Back to normality, or at least something approaching sanity, with a funny poem about the fictional character Captain Hook who is central to the children's classic Peter Pan.

Different Views

How quickly we forget politicians once they leave the political, but this poem will be seen as a fitting tribute to the erstwhile Tonie B Liar and his political sidekick Gordon.

Sent Down For Beastliness

Celebrities collide across the centuries, as Dame Peggy Ashcroft struggles to explain Oscar Wilde to a young relative.