Funny Celebrity Poems

Celebrity is a strange concept. True celebrities rarely consider themselves as such, whereas reality-TV wannabes prance and preen as thought the world is interested in the minutiae of their trivial lives. So prepare for some ego-deflating poems about the famous, infamous and the best ignored.

Words of Wisdom

A comic poem about the impossibilities presented by the Confucian philosophy.

Two Jags

John Prescott is the object of this barbed poem. Is it possible that some people are beyond satire?

Asset Rich

Dolly Parton has two outstanding features, neither of which relate to her vocal prowess.

The One And Only

Whether or not you're an Elvis fan, you'll applaud the sentiment of Paul's poem about Elvis impersonators.

Dirty Secrets

A nostalgic poem about Sooty and some hanky panky in the glove compartment.

Bonded Winehouse

Another glass of Amy Winehouse, anyone?

History Speeded Up

A funny poem contrasting the motivation of medieval and contemporary hooded outlaws.

The Spare

Grasp that the Ginger Prince is the younger son of the heir to the throne and you'll begin to question whether he's worthy of a place amongst the funny poems about famous people.

A Comi-Tragedy

Perhaps just one more for the road.

The Father of Cruciverbalism

A rather highbrow poem about the inventor (if that's the right word) of the crossword puzzle.

A Wizards Wandering Wand

A clever, crude, sexually charged reinterpretation of the Harry Potter legend which is strictly for teenagers and adults.