About Peculiar Poetry

The original aim of Peculiar Poetry was to produce a collection of short funny poems for kids which were a little more cerebral than the usual offerings, but still accessible to inquiring minds. The result was nothing of the sort: an odd assemblage of poems, some of which are appropriately juvenile, others dark, dirty and wholly unsuitable for children.

Divide and Rule

I therefore ended up creating two completely separate sites: Funny Poems for Children, which is a collection of funny poems suitable for all ages, and this website, Peculiar Poetry, which includes some of the funny poems for children, together with poetry, both serious and humorous, which is definitely unsuitable for sub-teenagers.

Why Peculiar Poetry?

Most collections of 'funny poems', whether for children or adults, are either obviously or scatologically funny. The remainder are patently not funny, though no one has dared reveal this to the author. The poems in the collection are, in the main, obliquely funny, exhibiting the dry, wry humour of 'funny peculiar' poems, rather than the overt brash comedy of their 'funny ha ha' cousins.

Are The Funny Poems Really Funny?

Before being published here, the poems are 'road tested' on a community poetry site to which the author contributes. It was the positive reaction from this audience, which ranges in age from 5 to 85, which provided the encouragement to build a dedicated site. However, humour is entirely subjective and may well not travel, so this collection will not be to all tastes.

Press Reaction

Of late, a number of these 'peculiar poems' have been reproduced in our local community newspaper, The Pudd (The Plumtree and Ruddington Trumpeter, incorporating the Bunny and Bradmore Bugle). The publication of the poems has been accompanied by some rather vituperative, but occasionally funny, reviews by The Pudd's arts correspondent, the more coherent of which have been reproduced with the poems.

Health Warning

As alluded to previously, some of the poems in this 'Adult Poetry' site are not suitable for minors. If you're a lost child who has wandered into this site by mistake, please follow the link to return to my website full of funny poems for kids.

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