Funny Retirement Poems

Many look forward to retirement, only to discover that work was a stroll in the park compared to a life of daytime television, allotment gardening and getting under your spouse's feet. Paul's funny retirement poems paint contrasting pictures of retiring and the aftermath.

Thank God That’s Over

I'm so glad I am leaving
It’s not before time
It’s like release from prison
After committing no crime

It’s a cause for celebration
Bring on the dancing girls
Crack open a bottle
Let’s get the flags unfurled

I’ve worked too many years
For Scrooge like employers
Today is a joyful occasion
It’s the greatest of pleasures

I'm so glad I am leaving
It’s all I have desired
Thank God the day has come
I’m so glad I’ve retired

Senior Week

Since I’ve been retired
Everyday is a fun day
My week now consists
Of six Saturdays and a Sunday

Copyright © Paul Curtis