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A Wander Down Lupino Lane

You should have watched Steve Punt?
Does anyone know does James Hunt?
Few people stopped to see Steve Race?
I can hardly wait to see Lorraine Chase?
I’ve always wondered was Oliver Hardy?
What I want to know is Richard Tardy?
Did anyone else watch Todd Slaughter?
I’d have liked to watch Carol Drinkwater?

Does anyone know is Phil Cool?
Am I the only one to see Gordon Rule?
Can anyone remember is Barry White?
Did anyone think was Steve Wright?
Will anyone watch as Sid Dithers?
Do you want to watch as Bill Withers?
What do you think will John Wayne?
Have you ever walked Lupino Lane?

Does anyone know was Lionel Blue?
Is it possible to know if Nancy Drew?
What do you think is Ian Pacey?
Does anyone know is Rebecca Lacey?
Let’s take a gamble will Ivan Sag?
You should have heard Melvyn Bragg?
I really want to know is Tom Good?
Did anyone else think Natalie Wood?

Does anyone think will Tessa Peake?
I have often wondered is Michelle Meek?
Does anyone know was Joseph Rashe?
Would you like to witness Stacey Dash?
I would have liked to see Peter Boyle?
I’m interested to know is Joe Royal?
Was I the only one watching Peggy Mount?
I didn’t think I’d hear Dracula Count?

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