A humorous poem about Robin Hood, his band of merry men and the seductive Maid Marion. Seductive, yes, but seduced?


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In old Nottingham
Shire in days of yore
There comes a tale
Of old folk lore
A tale of outlaws
And an evil prince
A well known story
Told often since
About outlaws living
In the Greenwood
Who were ably led
By Robbie the Hood
With Little Johnson
And Friar Touch
William Scarletti
And young Mad Much
Also Alan Airedale
The minstrel man
And Robbie’s girl
The fair Marian
The foe against whom
Their wits were pitted
Was the evil Prince
John the half-witted
The prince’s allies were
Jonathon Starless
And the odious villain
William the Friendless
A classic story of
Right against might
But what was it
That started the fight
According to legend
This was the cause
While big king dick
Was away at the wars
Killing foreigners and
That kind of thing
Prince john had his eye
On becoming the king
The truth to tell
Is simpler than that
What started the fight
Was gossip and chat
The question was
Was her virtue laid?
And is Maid Marian
Any longer a maid

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

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