Strange Goings On

A convoluted tale of love and loss which involves illegitimacy, abandonment, deceit, homosexuality and homicide.


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The Tale of Mavis Davis and Her Son, Sid

Mavis Davis, worked for Avis, in the packing shed,
Met a plumber, name of Bummer, took him to her bed.
Had a baby, was no maybe, that kid was there to stay,
But the plumber, name of Bummer, upped and ran away.
So Mavis Davis, her of Avis, bought a wedding ring,
Told the kid, whose name was Sid, his father was a king.
Sid grew up and won a cup, for knitting his own sweater,
One day in May he said, I’m gay, I wish I could be better.
Sid my son, my current bun, it matters not one jot,
Gay or straight, I have no hate, for you, my tiny tot.
So Mave and Sid did place a bid, for a house boat on Ebay,
They paid Paypal, that boy and gal, and moved on it to stay.
But then the plumber, name of Bummer, showed up, said, I’m your dad,
But they shot him down, without a frown, we don’t like you, you’re bad.

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