A shaggy dog poem set in the old (American) wild west, a land of cowboys, sheriffs and disgusting goings on.


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Long Ago In The Old Wild West

Long ago in the
Old Wild West
With empty pockets
In his vest
Into the frontier
Town of Conroy
Rode a ragged
Looking cowboy
He tied up by
The towns hotel
And found a man
A tale to tell
He said that he
Had bad luck
And all he needed
Was a buck
The man took him
To the saloon
Saying if you drink
From the spittoon
Ill give you fifty
Take time to think
Fifty dollars
If you take a drink
The cowboy nodded
And then said yes
He was willing
Well more or less
He held the spittoon
Up to his lip
He took a breath
And then a sip
He drank his fill
Till all was gone
The man paid up
And said well done
You really earned
This money well
But I must say this
If truth to tell
I would have paid you
Just to try
You did not need
To drink it dry
Why didn’t you stop?
Are you a chump?
I couldn’t stop
It was in one lump

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

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