A feminist slant to the myth of Santa Claus as we are treated to the shock revelation that all the reindeer, with their macho, masculine names, are in fact girl reindeer.


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Girl Power

All of the reindeer
Pulling Santa’s sleigh
Are adorned with antlers
As they make their way

Well, only female reindeer
On the Christmas flight
Still retain their antlers
By Christmas night

So the whole team are girls
Is that really shocking?
An all female team?
Carrying gifts for every stocking

Who else could be trusted?
To circumnavigate the globe
In only one night
Not the guy in the red robe

But the overweight old man
With no dress sense
Who is too lazy to shave
Gets thanked for the presents

And do we get any recognition
For delivering the toys
No we don’t get a mention
And everyone thinks that we are boys

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

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