Humorous Poems 2

A further miscellany of humorous poetry by Paul Curtis, English author and Poet in Residence at Peculiar Poetry. If you've beginning to wonder what differentiates a humorous from a funny poem, it's a certain cerebral quality, a hint of absurdity and a bit of pot luck.

Oh No He Isn't

A funny poem which combines pantomime with pathos.

One Born Every Day

A short, thought-provoking poem with an underlying Darwinian message.

Beasts in The Mist

A funny poem about one of the most dangerous predatory creatures known to man...

All at Sea

An narrative poem about cruising and sex, which is a good deal less dirty than this introduction would suggest.

Criminal Records

The Iranian justice system is well known for its amputative approach to the rehabilitation of offenders...

Don't Take a Fence

A poem that's quicker to read than explain.


Luvvies are somewhat precious and oftenrather camp classical actors who...

Un Angelic Angela

A rather brutal poem for a rather unfortunate lady. Its language conjures up a plethora of amusing images to give the impression of a voice quite beyond the control of its singer.

Changing Schools

The poem harks back to the 'good old days', when innocent mischief ruled, while damning the state of today's youth in a detached and whimsical manner.

Clean Sweep

Flying the flag for the forces of chaos and disorder, while turning conventional wisdom on its head.