Hanky Panky

A funny poem about the life, love and lust that can be observed in the apparently innocuous setting of a lay by. I was fearful I might have to explain dogging, but that is a delight to come.


Funny Poems about Love and Hate


Funny Love Poems


Lay By

I’m in a busy lay by
On a busy road
Vehicles come and go
Lorries for a rest break
Car drivers stretch legs
Or have a smoke
Maybe use the phone.
There’s one now
He’s walking my way
I hope he doesn’t want directions
He’s closer now
He smiles warmly
Which is a little worrying
A woman appears in my vision
They embrace
In a business like way
And walk towards his car
She isn’t dress for business
Not that kind anyway
Funny business, maybe
In the car they kiss again
With passion this time
Both playing away, obviously
They disengage themselves
And drive away
To continue their passions
Elsewhere, obviously
Her car is behind me somewhere
Left empty and abandoned
Until there passion is spent
Ahead of me somewhere
I can see another car sitting empty
Another story of lust and betrayal
Or mechanical breakdown
As for me
I’m waiting to meet my brother’s wife
It’s a funny business

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved