A Vision of Beauty

A twisted funny love poem, or perhaps a funny love poem about an encounter in a park which has a unexpectedly heart-warming ending.


Funny Poems about Love and Hate


Funny Love Poems


I Wanted Her

She crouched down, almost squatting
To stroke a small dog in the park
As she did her full buttocks
Strained the fabric of her shorts
And I wanted her
When she stood up
She threw back her hair from her face
As she did the sunlight caught
The fine blonde strands
And I wanted her
She reached behind her head
To tie back her loose hair
Which pushed her breasts tightly
Against her cotton shirt
And I wanted her
She saw me looking at her
And smiled at me coyly
Then she waved to me, smiling
And I wanted her
Luckily she was my wife

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved