Funny Poetry

Patrick Winstanley's collection of funny poetry currently contains over sixty original short funny poems for teenagers and adults. To aid navigation, the poems are classified according to their subject matter.

Animal Poems

Funny poems about a multitude of animals ranging from spiders to polar bears. The animal poetry section has more than its fair share of poems in common with my children's poetry site, but there are some that snarl and a few that bite.

Family Poetry

A series of poems about families, family relationships and domestic life, some based on personal experience, other fantasy. Most of the poems are cute and cuddly, but the occasional dark or dirty poem is interspersed amongst them to keep readers on their toes.

Biographical Poems

Not, I would admit, an inspired title, but the subject covers poetry about both real and fictional characters and includes both historical and contemporary biographies. There is a definite bias towards English subjects, which may leave overseas readers perplexed.

Rude Poems

In a collection of funny poems for teenagers and adults there is a tendency for many of the poems to be slightly risqué, but these rude poems have been rounded up and herded together as they might cause offense even to some adults. The primary aim of the poems is always to amuse rather than to shock and the use of language may be graphic, but it is not gratuitous.

Odes & Ends

The poems which are otherwise unclassifiable, forming a rag-bag collection of parodies, poetry about the writing process, shape poems and other detritus. A treat for those who enjoy unlikely juxtapositions; for others something of a disordered mess.

Other Funny Poetry

Don't forget also to have a look at the other collections of funny poems by our poets in residence, Paul Curtis and Max Scratchmann.

Paul's humorous poetry covers many areas and 'issues' that Patrick's poetry doesn't touch on, including funny love poems, funny sports poems and pet hate poems - rather bitchy poems about the things in life that get one down, annoyed or absolutely incandescent with rage.

Max is the most cerebral of all the contributors tp Peculiar Poetry, writing witty, wry and whimsical poems about fame, the literary life and health issues. Parody is Max's specialist area, so enjoy come cuttingly sharp parodies of famous poets - Poe, Betjeman, T S Eliot et al - and some rather gentler nursery rhyme parodies.