Yet More Funny Poems About Life

Our third collection of funny poetry about life includes poems about depilation, defecation and drugs, but by now you should know to expect the unusual.

Be Alert

The call from the authorities for travellers to be constantly vigilant and report any suspicious behaviour leaves the poem's protagonist in a quandary.

Chirpy, Chirpy Cheep, Cheep

A little lavatorial humour in Paul's poem about the stupidity of men.

Crash Location

A joke retold in the form of a poem, which is genuinely funny and only slightly disparaging about the female residents of Essex.

Hair Care For Men

Men wax their cars, women wax their underarms, their legs and other unmentionable areas of their anatomy. Discuss. Or disgust?

Have You Seen This Man?

A poem about gay men, which reinforces a few stereotypes and explodes a popular myth.

Wow Gran

A poem about drug taking which involves and amusing role reversal.

My Cookie Lament

For once the anglo-american linguistic confusions thrown up by the website are turned on their head, in that I'm left explaining to English readers that American cookies are like English biscuits, only twice size and as four times as fattening.

Don't Throw In The Towel

Followers of Paul's kitchen sink poetry will not be surprised to find it wandering on occasion into the laundry room.

Dopey Brother

An amusing poem about drug taking which revolves around a glorious pun.